Mayor's Office

From the Mayor's Desk:


Hello friends, family, neighbors, & visitors. My name is John Michael Shuffett, and I have the distinct honor of serving you as Mayor of Greensburg.

As individuals, we establish priorities for ourselves and our families, allowing us to meet the goals we set forth. The business of the city is no different. The goals may be broader in scope, but the work required to see them through is the same. And those goals will not be met by the works of a single elected official. These things will come to pass because of the collaborative efforts of the people of Greensburg and Green County who want to see their community flourish, and who wish for a brighter future for their children and grandchildren.

My wife Shawna and I are passionate about our hometown. We are driven to see Greensburg prosper, and confident she will with your help. Our community is blessed with so many good people. If ever a person needed their faith restored in humanity they need only spend a little time with folks in a small town, and Greensburg certainly reflects that.

This is why, as mayor, I have an open-door policy. Your voices will always be heard. Your cares and concerns may always be made known. Each member of our community should feel welcome and wanted in City Hall, and you always will be under my leadership.

I appreciate your investment in our community, and may God bless Greensburg and Green County.

John Shuffett

Mayor of Greensburg