Opioids: Conflicts & Controversies

June 13-14, 2019

Georgetown University Medical Center




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Dr. Fugh-Berman and Medical Devices

Dr. Fugh-Berman on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

June 2, 2019

Georgetown University Medical Center

Free and Open to the Public

For at least the past thirty years it has been common practice to pay people to test the safety and toxicity of experimental drugs. The vast majority of research subjects are poor, unemployed racial minorities. The economic aspects of this drug testing regime strike many outsiders as exploitative, much in the way that sweatshop labor is exploitative. But in this talk Carl Elliot will explore a different, more specific type of exploitation -- namely, one where the exploited party is paid to do something degrading. What exactly is it to be degraded, and is it possible to compensate for degrading work with higher wages?

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