ETHS Winter Japan Trip 2018

Welcome to our blog! Visit frequently and explore the content so you can vicariously "take in" all that we experience while in Japan. Learn about where we're going through the Site Reports. Understand Japanese culture on a deeper level through each Tripper's individual blogging. View the Photography Challenge and be inspired through the Trippers' lenses. Thank you for your support and well-wishes; we couldn't have done this without your help!

Navigating this site:

  • Site Reports are prepared by the Trippers and explain the context and history of places we are visiting.
  • Daily Overview leads to a drop down menu of everyday we are here. It's the itinerary along with photographs taken by Junko Yokota and Michael Van Krey.
  • Trippers Blogs are each Tripper's take on what they are experiencing, feeling, and how they are connecting with the language, people, and culture. It's a great way to see how we all interpret our experiences differently.
  • Photo Challenges are a way to have Trippers learn to "see" differently. When presented with a specific framework for a challenge, it forces the photographer to pause and consider how they want to capture the moment.
  • Reader Comments is a place for you to let us know you are reading this blog. Fill out the survey on that page and at the end of each day we'll post the comments in the doc below the survey. You comments motivate the Trippers to know there are people who are very interested in their musings.