This site provides educational technology learning outcomes and strategies, a wealth of digital resources and further tools, resources and go-to sites for professional learning. Each of the sections offer teachers and students the opportunity to evolve their knowledge, skills, and attitudes in utilizing technology, online resources, and digital resources in the learning environment.

While a primary goal of this site is to provide guidelines for helping Alberta students develop increasing levels of competence with educational technology, developing these skills is not an end in itself. The intent is to empower learners, foster deeper learning and support the development of Competencies as identified by Alberta Education (2016).

A series of educational technology learning outcomes and supporting strategies have been developed in collaboration with several local school districts. Outcomes have been identified for each Competency. Strategies within the outcomes are intentionally linked and build in complexity from Division 1 (Grades 1-3) to Division 4 (Grades 10-12).

To explore the outcomes and strategies specific to each of the Competencies, navigate using the Competencies pull-down menu above.

The information found on this site is informed by the following documents:

Many thanks to the following jurisdictions who shared resources and collaborated to build this site so that all may benefit.

  • Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
  • Edmonton Catholic School District
  • Edmonton Public Schools
  • Elk Island Catholic Schools
  • Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division No. 14
  • Fort McMurray Public School District
  • Fort McMurray Catholic School District
  • Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools
  • Parkland School Division No. 70
  • St. Albert Public School District No. 5565
  • Sturgeon Public School Division

Our goal for working together was so that all educators across the province are better able to integrate educational technology into their classrooms.