School Timetable

Daily Routines

08-30 am Office and classrooms open

08-50 am Beginning of school day. Children have unpacked their bags,

put any heatups into their classroom lunch box and any notices

into the their classroom notice box. They are ready for roll call.

09-00 am Mathematics

09-55 am Fruit Break

10-05 am Writing

11-00 am Physical Activity

11-15 am Interval

11-30 am Reading

12-30 am Lunch Break - Children play first then eat their lunch at 1.00pm.

1-20 pm Inquiry, The Arts, Health and PE

3-00 pm End of School.

Children line up for the Seaward Downs, Fortrose Secondary Buses and the Edendale Walkers.

3-20 pm Children line up for the Homestead and Brydone buses.

Weekly Routines

    • Thursdays Library Day
    • Fridays
        • 8-50 -9-20 am Bible in Schools (Voluntary programme)
        • 2-30 pm Celebration Time