Positive Behaviour for Learning

The Purpose of Values

When we all come from different homes and upbringings it is values that help us come together in positive, purposeful and meaningful relationships of aroha.

Our Values

To help us build strong relationships of aroha we focus upon four character values.

  • Term One: Respect - Manaakitanga

  • Term Two: Responsibility - Haepapa

  • Term Three: Excellence - Tohungatanga

  • Term Four: Integrity - Ponotanga

We have worked together as a school to define what our values mean.

PB4L Parent Handbook

PB4L Handbook - Parents

Acknowledging Our Values

  • Cafe Card: All the children have personalised little cafe cards. When staff around the school see children displaying our values they give them a stamp. The stamp is our customised Burt Munro motorbike.

  • Cafe Shop: Every fortnight children can redeem their stamps for rewards from the Cafe Shop.

  • Top Students: The number of stamps each child received is tracked and at the end of the term we acknowledge the top three.

  • Most Valuable Pupil (MVP): At the end of each week at our Celebration Time (assembly) children that have been noticed by the classroom teacher as strongly showing the value of the term are eligible for our MVP. Parents will receive notification from the school office if their child is MVP for that week. For that week the child receives a special Burt Munro badge. The aim is to collect all four badges over their time at our school.

  • Postcards: We have designed our own postcards and teachers will send these home as they notice children showing our values in class.

Whanau Groups

Whanau groups are vertical mixed groups (mixed age groups) from across the school. We have five whanau groups.

    • Kowhai - Yellow

    • Kakariki - Green

    • Whero - Red

    • Kikorangi - Blue

    • Tawa - Purple

All children from the same family become members of the same school whanau.

Each fortnight we bring the whanau together and as a family of children they explore the meaning of each value and how they can show it into our school.

Around once a term we have whanau activities where we invite parents in to be part of our school.

During interval and lunchtime children are acknowledged for showing our values and they receive a token to go into their whanau container. The whanau with the highest number of tokens wins an end of term prize.