Team Tui

Teacher: Miss Caci Mineur

Room: 4

Class Year Level: Year 3 - 4

What it means to be in Team Tui

The Tui are problem solvers and they are creative. These are important values for us as learners. We need to have the confidence to step out and solve problems. We need to think outside of the square and be creative in our work.

Tui are also very good at imitation. This means that they can listen and observe very well to pick up new learning. As learners being a good listener and keen observer is so important. Through listening and observing we can gain so much.

Tui are seen in pairs or small groups flying around. They enjoy the company of others. In Team Tui it is so important for each classmate to enjoy the company of others. To do this we need to be co-operative, compassionate, respectful and honest. This helps us get on as a team.

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