Lunch Options

Heat Ups

We have a pie warmer that is very well used by the children. There is no charge to use. It is an easy way to add variety to a child's weekly lunch menu.

    • At the start of the school day items must be placed in each Team's lunches container in their classroom.

    • Items must be clearly named with the child's name and Team name included.

    • Items must be wrapped in oven proof wrappings. (No plastic).

    • At the start of lunch time items can be collected from the Team's box from outside the staffroom.

Thursday Lunches

Children have the option, if they desire, to purchase a lunch on Thursday care of the Edendale Dairy.

Orders need to be placed in the child's class notices box, in a sealed envelope that has the correct change.

The envelope needs to have the child's name and room number on the front.