Lunch Options

Heat Ups

We have a pie warmer that is very well used by the children. There is no charge to use. It is an easy way to add variety to a child's weekly lunch menu.

    • At the start of the school day items must be placed in each Team's lunches container in their classroom.
    • Items must be clearly named with the child's name and Team name included.
    • Items must be wrapped in oven proof wrappings. (No plastic).
    • At the start of lunch time items can be collected from the Team's box from outside the staffroom.

Menzies College Lunches

Menzies College provide lunch options on a Thursday. Orders should be separate from any school order and written on a named envelope with payment enclosed. These orders need to be put into the Team notice box in your child's classroom on arrival at school on Thursday morning. They are collected by Menzies College staff and then the orders are brought back to school for our lunch time. There are many options available.

Burgers $5-00

    • Chicken (with or without salad) ($5-00)
    • Hawaiian Chicken ($5-00)
    • Lamb ($5-00)


    • Bacon and Egg ($4-50)
    • Pork Riblet ($4-50)
    • Apricot Chicken ($4-50)

Other Options

    • Cheese or Spaghetti Toastie ($2-50)
    • Corned Beef Sandwich (half) ($2-50)
    • Chicken Dagwood Sandwich (half) ($2-50)
    • Chicken Roll ($2-50)
    • Cheese Roll ($1-00)
    • Hash Brown ($1-00)
    • Garlic Bread ($1-50)
    • Chicken Tenders ($1-00 each)
    • Macaroni Cheese ($4-00)
    • Tomato Pasta Bake ($4-00)
    • Wedges with Sauce (3-50)
    • American Hotdog ($3-50)
    • Cheerios with sauce ($4.50) x 8
    • Chicken Cordon Bleu ($3-00)