Team Kiwi

Teacher: Mrs Hayley Clarke and Mrs Abby Duffy

Room: 2

Class Year Level: Year 1 - 2

What it means to be in Team Kiwi

Kiwi are our national emblem! We want to show our strong commitment to our community and class just as the kiwi does to New Zealand and the rest of the world.

We want to show self responsibility as the kiwi does. The mother kiwi always puts herself first in her duties as she carefully remembers to work on what is important. In Team Kiwi we want to be compassionate towards the needs of others. We want to show that we care and understand how another person may be feeling but we also want to look after ourselves.

Kiwi are flexible and can adapt to different hunting environments just as we are learning how to adapt to a new classroom. Being a flexible learner and adapting quickly to change is really useful.

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