Our buses are run by Ritchies Transport Company based in Gore.

We have four buses that service our school.

bus Eligibility (Rules set by the Ministry of Education)

Students must meet all 3 eligibility criteria to get school transport assistance.

Criteria 1

  • The school must be the closest state or state-integrated school the student can enrol at.

  • For students attending a state-integrated school, it must be the closest school of its type — that is, the closest Catholic school if a Catholic education is chosen.

  • For students attending Māori Medium Schools (MMS) — which must either deliver Te Reo at Level 1, or at Level 2 and 51% or more of the instruction is in Te Reo — whichever MMS is chosen will be considered the closest, in recognition of the importance of iwi and hapu affiliation to a Maori-medium education.

Criteria 2

Students must live more than a certain distance from the school.

  • Years 1-8: At least 3.2 kilometres from the school, over the shortest public road or pedestrian route from home roadside gate to the school’s front gate.

  • Years 9-13: At least 4.8 kilometres from the school, over the shortest public road or pedestrian route from home roadside gate to the school’s front gate.

Criteria 3

  • There must be no suitable public transport options.

Transport Entitlement Zone (map set by the Ministry of Education)

To arrange pupil transport on a bus service, please contact the school office.

Please note:

  • Bus routes are set by the Ministry of Education.

  • These contracts are then tendered out to providers.

  • Ritchies is our provider. They employ the bus drivers and own the buses.

  • The bus service is not a door to door service.

  • Our Transport Entitlement Zone allows those within it to travel, free of charge, on the MOE defined bus routes.

  • If a child is travelling on a bus from outside of our TEZ, then parents will need permission for the school's TEZ they are travelling through, and will be required to pay a travel charge to Ritchies. This is currently $2 per trip.

  • Parents are welcome to transport their child, into our TEZ and by doing so, get on a bus within our TEZ. This would require space on the bus to be available as that bus service is first and foremostly for eligible in our TEZ students.

  • The Seawared Downs bus is solely for Edendale Primary School.

  • The Brydone bus and Homestead bus are shared buses with Menzies College. This means there are senior-aged (Year 7 - 13) children on that bus. It also means that after school those buses leave our school later as we have to wait for Menzies to finish.

  • The Fortrose bus is a Menzies College bus only and will require a per trip payment to Ritchies. When Menzies is closed, this bus does not run and so parents of children on that bus will need to transport their child too and from school. Permission from Tokanui School, Glenham School and Gorge Road school is required for children to hop on this bus as it travels through three other primary school's TEZs.

  • Should a bus be full, pupils who are ineligible, will be at risk of not being able to travel on that bus.

(Please note that our Enrolment Zone and Transport Entitlement Zone are different.)
Transport Entitlement Zone.pdf

Bus Routes (Set by the Ministry of Education)

Seaward Downs Bus

Route 9154

Homestead Bus (Shared with Menzies College)

Route 9139

Brydone Bus (Shared with Menzies College)

Route 9103

Fortrose Bus (Menzies College)

Route 9149