Our buses are run by Ritchies Transport Company  based in Gore.

We have four buses that service our school.   

Bus Eligibility (Rules set by the Ministry of Education)

School transport assistance eligibility criteria


We are funded (via routes set by the MOE, arranged through a Transport Entitlement Zone and contracted to bus companies to manage) to offer school transport assistance to eligible students only.


To qualify for assistance, students must meet the following criteria:


Ineligible students


Transport service providers may also transport ineligible students.


Please note, we cannot, under our supplier contracts, require transport service providers to carry ineligible students.


If the transport service provider agrees to carry ineligible students, the following conditions must be met:

Transport Entitlement Zone (This map is set by the Ministry of Education)

To arrange pupil transport on a bus service, please contact the school office. 

Please note:

(Please note that our Enrolment Zone and Transport Entitlement Zone are different.)

Bus Routes (All routes are set by the Ministry of Education)

Below is the Ministry of Education bus route map generater.  

Under 'Search by Route Number' you can type in the numbers that we have next to each route and that should show you the set Ministry of Education funded route.  If you live off the set Ministry of Education bus route, you will need to meet the run at a safe point.