Team Kereru

Teacher: Miss Sarah Botting

Room: 5

Class Year Level: Year 4 - 5

What it means to be in Team Kereru

In Team Kereru we endeavour to reflect the values demonstrated by the native bird known as the Kereru.

The Kereru shows flexibility adapting its colours in various lights and selecting food from up to 70 different plant species. Team Kereru students also need to be flexible to cope with the many changes they face during a school day and beyond school in their daily lives.

The Kereru is noted for its persistence, collecting up to 60 twigs to build a single nest for its young. We know that Team Kereru students will also develop persistence and stick with a task even when it is challenging. With a positive attitude towards learning and a strong belief in themselves, students in Team Kereru are able to make the transition into being senior students and go forward confidently to become capable learners within the school.

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