Welcome to

Edendale Primary School

(Southland, New Zealand)


Kia ora Kumasta Hello

Welcome to Edendale Primary School, Southland, New Zealand.

We are the school 'Where Our Dreams Begin!' and we have been serving the educational needs of our community since 1875.

We are a seven teacher school ranging in numbers from 140 - 165.

World record breaker Burt Munro, made famous in the movie The Fastest Indian, was a pupil of our school.

All Black Damian McKenzie, along with his brother Martin McKenzie, attended Edendale Primary School.

We love seeing our students going on to make their dreams a reality, becoming confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learners.


We are nestled in the heart of Eastern Southland, New Zealand.

We are on State Highway One, in the township of Edendale, which is 38 kilometres east of Invercargill and 28 kilometres south of Gore.

We neighbour Fonterra Edendale which is one of the biggest dairy plants in the Southern hemisphere.

In spring you will see paddocks of tulips growing near our township.

Check out Wikipedia about our town.

Contact Details

Phone: 03 206 6959

Cell/Text: 027 614 6740

Email: admin@edendaleps.school.nz

Physical Address: 24 Salford Street, Edendale, 9825.

Postal Address: P. O. Box 24, Edendale, 9848.

On Line

    • Facebook: Edendale Primary School

    • Twitter: EdendalePS

    • App: SchoolAppsNZ (Edendale PS Southland)

We publish a newsletter once a week on a Friday.

The link to it is placed on our Facebook Page and on our app.

Historical newsletter links can be found under 'Our School' and

then scroll down to 'Newsletters'.

Each year we publish our Parent Information Handbook.

In it we put all the useful information necessary

for parents of children enrolled with us.

2021 Parent Information Handbook is here.

Parent Handbook 2021

School Information

Upcoming Events

Term One

  • Week Six

Wednesday 10th March LMV Athletics (Menzies College)

Thursday 11th March LMV Athletics (postponement)

  • Week Seven

Monday 15th - Friday 19th March School Swimming

  • Week Eight

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th March School Swimming

Wednesday 24th - Friday 26th March Senior Camp Pukerau

Saturday 27th March Southland Primary School Athletics

Saturday 27th Mach Firewood Fundraiser 10am

  • Week Nine

Friday 2nd April Good Friday (School Closed)

  • Week Ten

Monday 5th - Tuesday 6th April Easter (School Closed)