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Our Number: 856-424-2222 x2538

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Our Fax: 856-761-0624


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73 Questions with Mr. Gamel

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Assistant Principal & Guidance Department Supervisor

Mr. George Zografos - gzografos@chclc.org - x2538


Mrs. Joanne Kavanagh - jkavanagh@chclc.org - x2522

  • Secretary for Mr. Zografos

Mrs. Danielle Graffeo - dgraffeo@chclc.org - x2510

  • Registrar / Alumni Transcripts

Mrs. Stacy Garson - sgarson@chclc.org - x2523

  • Guidance Secretary - Last Names A-K

Mrs. Carol Cook - ccook@chclc.org - x2538

  • Guidance Secretary - Last Names L-Z

Guidance Counselors

***Student Last Name assignments are approximate.***

Ms. Talia Branda - tbranda@chclc.org - x2537

  • Last Names O-S

  • Click Here for Ms. Branda's BTSN (Back to School Night) Video

Ms. Carli Clements (formerly Keesler) - cclements@chclc.org - x2543

  • Last Names M-R

  • Click Here for Ms. Clements' BTSN Video

Mr. Bert Figueroa - rfigueroa@chclc.org - x2528

  • Last Names E-K

  • Click Here for Mr. Figueroa's BTSN Video

Mrs. Carly Friedman - cfriedman@chclc.org - x2551

  • Last Names H-M

  • Click Here for Mrs. Friedman's BTSN Video

Mr. Darren Gamel - dgamel@chclc.org - x2552

  • Last Names B-H

  • Click Here for Mr. Gamel's BTSN Video

Mrs. Laurie Grossman - lgrossman@chclc.org - x2542

  • Last Names A-B

  • Click Here for Mrs. Grossman's BTSN Video

Ms. Hei One (Maria) Han - hhan@chclc.org - x2541

  • Last Names K-M

  • Click Here for Ms. Han's BTSN Video

Mrs. Regina James - rejames@chclc.org - x2554

  • Last Names B-F

  • Click Here for Mrs. James' BTSN Video

Ms. Yolanda McClain - vmcclain@chclc.org - x2545

  • Last Names P-Z

  • Click Here for Ms. McClain's BTSN Video

Mrs. Tracye Walsh - twalsh@chclc.org - x2546

  • Last Names S-Z

  • Click Here for Mrs. Walsh's BTSN Video

Student Assistance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Mrs. Jennifer DiStefano - jdistefano@chclc.org - x2535

  • Click Here for Mrs. DiStefano's BTSN Video

  • Click Here for the Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) Website

Student Advocate

Mrs. Yanell Joseph - yjoseph@chclc.org - x2549

  • Click Here for Mrs. Joseph's Student Advocate Website

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