Scouts is the third section in the scouting family, and is typically seen as the original section. Scouts are 10.5-14 years old.

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The next nearest British troops are located in Tervuren & Vossem at 1st Brussels or at St John’s school at 1st Waterloo.

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In mid November 2016, Mark and Art launched CBS’s second scout troop. After a couple weeks of deliberation, the scouts decided on Tonga as their troop name. The name comes from a small Polynesian island nation, originally known as the Friendly Islands. The scouts chose the name themselves.

When our two scout troops merged, Tonga and Tuvalu decided to merge their name as well, becoming Tongalu.

  • Tongalu Scouts meet on Thursdays 18:15-20:15 at Parc Parmentier.





Peter, Assistant Leader and Quartermaster

Our leadership team is entirely made up of volunteers! All adult leaders have a safeguarding check before starting and there is always at least one adult who is first aid qualified. Like many expats some of our leaders travel for work, so we try to have a large team.

You don’t need to have experience as training is available. It’s good fun working with the young people, and a way to make a difference for families and the wider community.

What do Scouts do?

Scouting helps children and young adults reach their full potential by developing skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication, self-motivation, cultural awareness and commitment.

Each Scout Troop consists of small units of six to eight Scouts called a Patrol, usually led by a Patrol Leader. The PLs share responsibility with the adult Leader for maintaining standards and training within the Troop. All Scouts are encouraged to take part in the decision-making process and regular Forums provide the chance for them to help in planning Troop activities.

Outdoor activities feature prominently, with the highlight being camping. Throughout the year, Scouts learn various skills, such as map reading, camp cooking and first aid in preparation for camp. With the emphasis on adventurous activities, action and involvement, Scouting means more than just camping. Hiking, rock climbing, gliding, sailing, pioneering, canoeing, parascending, abseiling, potholing, First Aid, motor mechanics, electronics, amateur radio and photography, as well as international experiences are just some of the things they get up to.

Their uniform of activity trousers, with teal green polo or long sleeved shirt, reflects their adventurous lifestyle.

The scouts take part in many activities that work towards badges. More information about the badge scheme can be found on the website.

When they are awarded one, please sew it onto the uniform in the position shown.