Student Records

Thank you for allowing Atlanta Public Schools to assist you with your student information request. In an effort to provide better and secure services to our students, all background checks, verifications, corporate information request, and transcript request  must be made online through Scriborder. Fax, Phone calls, and mail will no longer be accepted.   


The Atlanta Public Schools District follows the Guidelines as stated by the State of Georgia.  The State of Georgia states that official records of an individual student for his/her period of enrollment at a school; includes attendance reports, transcripts, test scores, and other records which may include shots records or other supporting educational information for currently enrolled students. 

You may request an official copy of your transcript to be mailed to any college or university of your choice. Please complete your request utilizing our Scriborder site: CLICK HERE. You may also submit your request in person with a copy of your Official State ID. Please be sure to include full name at the time of your graduation or last date attended, your birthdate, and the request college/university address complete with city, state and zip code. To obtain an unofficial copy for your personal records please submit the request with your personal address and a copy of your Official State ID. If the student is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must submit the request with the appropriate ID which will be verified.


Effective April 20, 2020, in an effort to provide an enhanced and more secure service for our transfer students, all records requests for our former students in grades K-12 must be made online using our new student record request system, K12 ScribTransfer, by Scribbles Software.  Fax, phone calls, emails and mail will no longer be accepted. 

To request records from an Atlanta Public Schools for a student who is transferring to your school, please visit:


Atlanta Public Schools has activated the K12 ScribTransfer product from Scribbles Software. The K12 ScribTransfer option helps our district to manage the transfer process and protect our students confidentially. It also  provides accurate confirmation of student enrollment, helping us tracking students for graduation and for funding purposes. We know this is a new process, should you have any issues setting up your account, questions about the process, or want to know more about the product, please contact or via phone at 404-802-2150.


Q. How long will it take to process my request?

A. All request are processed within 7 to 10 business days after receipt of request.


 Q. Are there any fees associated with my request?

 A. The cost is $5.00 per transcript/ $15.00 official verification for Colleges, Universities, and prospective employers.


 Q. I don’t have a computer. Can I complete my request in the office?

 A.  Yes. We will be glad to assist students at the address listed below.


 Q. How will I know if my transcript or job/graduation verification has been sent?

  A. Scriborder will send you an email confirming your order has been received and when your order has been fulfilled. 

Sara Fisher

Central Registrar

Phone: 404-802-2233

130 Trinity Ave SW

1st Floor