Enrollment & Registration

Beginning with the 2021-22SY:

Rising 6th grade students, rising 9th grade students and conditionally enrolled students are ineligible to participate in any Athletics program until all registration requirements have been satisfied.

Enrollment & Registration

Welcome to the Enrollment and Registration page for the Atlanta Public School District. During normal operating hours, registration can be completed at student's zoned school. To confirm your student's attendance, view our APS Zone Locator.

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What is New Student Enrollment?

New student enrollment should be completed whenever a student is entering Atlanta Public Schools for the first time or returning after being enrolled into another school outside of the APS district.

What is Current Student Registration?

Families should complete the Current Student Registration by providing their updated proof of residency when they have a

  • Rising 6th grade student,

  • Rising 9th grade student, OR

  • When a move has occurred.

Please visit our Current Student Registration page for more information.

Interested in Enrolling in a Charter School?

All families requesting to attend an APS Office of Charter & Partner Schools can visit our Office of Innovation for additional support.

If additional support is needed for families experiencing Hardships of Homelessness or transitioning from home to home , please visit our Homeless - McKinney Vento webpage.