Rising 6th & 9th Grade/Moving Students

It's time to complete re-registration for SY2022-23!

Current Student Registration Video Overview

Beginning with the 2021-22SY:

Rising 6th grade students, rising 9th grade students and conditionally enrolled students are ineligible to participate in any Athletics program until all registration requirements have been satisfied.

Who needs to re-register?

Students are only required to complete re-registration when:

  • The student is entering the 6th Grade

  • The student is entering the 9th Grade

  • A move has occurred from the enrolled residence

What is required?

What if my information has not changed?

If your student will be continuing at the same school and there has been no change in residency, contact information, or guardianship:

  1. Click the link below

  2. Select your student's school. If you have multiple students, one will need to be completed per student*

  3. Complete and submit the form

The Registration Process


Parents can complete registration via their Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. Visit our Infinite Campus Parent Portal Help Page for instructions on how to:

In Person

If you require assistance with the registration process, please contact your zoned school. Rising 6th grade and 9th grade students should contact their feeder school for scheduling. If you require assistance determining your zoned school, please visit the APS School Locator.

Change of Address

If a student's residence or contact information changes during the school year, following spring registration or over the summer, the parent or guardian is required to notify the school. The parent or guardian must complete a change of address form and a new residency affidavit accompanied by new proof of residency documentation. This information must be submitted within ten (10) days of any move or change of address. This form should be returned to the Main Office or Registrar’s Office of your child's school. Students discovered to have moved out of the school zone who have not informed the school of the updated address may be withdrawn immediately and placed in the school to which the current residence is zoned.