Transfer from Home Study Programs


The Atlanta Public Schools welcomes all eligible students residing in the City of Atlanta who wish to enroll in its schools, including those who are transferring from home study programs.


Home school parents/guardians are considered the school or Local Education Authority (LEA) official for most purposes. This means generally that they have the rights and responsibilities of a public local board of education, superintendent or principal when it comes to their children's educational needs, including signing and providing any and all documents to the school should they decide to enroll their child back into public school.

Parents/guardians and emancipated students who wish to enroll in Atlanta Public Schools after being in home study programs must provide

1. A copy of the Declaration of Intent to Home School form.

2. Progress reports of academic performance in each subject area including, but not limited to, language arts, reading, mathematics, social studies and science are also required to determine the students' appropriate grade placement.

3. A report of the student's performance on the national assessment which must be administered at least every three years, in accordance with state law.

What the school will do:

If a student decides to return to traditional school, there is not a withdrawal form from the GaDOE. The indication that the home-schooled student wants to return to or enroll in pubic school is the only notification needed to enroll them in the school/system.

When a student enrolls in a public school from a non-accredited education program, APS will validate the credit that is being transferred in one of the following ways, as a minimum:

  • Probationary placement based on records of prior schools(s) and/or home study programs and satisfactory performance of the student for one or more grading periods.

  • Tests and acceptable scores. These tests may be standardized or locally developed and should focus on group placement, subject area and/or grade level.

The students’ grade level placements are reassessed and may change at the end of the probationary period.

APS has adopted the following as procedures for determining whether or not transfer courses meet the required minimum core curriculum:

1. Students without evidence of annual assessments of academic progress in core subjects and/or acceptable tests scores are placed in the grade of record during the last year of home study for a probationary period for one or more grading periods while their most appropriate placement is assessed.

2. For high school students, along with criteria/procedures listed above, students must meet the graduation requirements for the graduating classes in which they enroll (See policies IHF (5) and (6), High School Graduation Requirements).

3. If a high school student receives credit for courses taken during a home study program a grade of S (Satisfactory), will be posted on the student’s transcript to indicate that the courses were passed by performance.

4. If concerns arise, a special committee of school personnel (counselor, registrar, and/or principal) will meet with students and parents/guardians to resolve them.

Transfer credits are awarded based on the Georgia Board of Education rules. For State rules and frequently asked questions go to or call 404 656-2800 or 800 311-3627. Home school curriculums are not accredited even if the accreditation agency is approved by the state board of education.