Kindergarten Enrollment

Are you ready for Kindergarten?


Current Georgia Residents

By state law, children must be 5 by September 1 of the school year in order to enroll in kindergarten during that school year.

Children Moving from other States or Countries

Children who were legal residents of another state or country for a period of two years immediately prior to moving to Georgia and who were legally enrolled in a public, state/regional or equivalently accredited kindergarten are eligible for enrollment in kindergarten if the child is 5 by December 31.


Required Documents

All documents required for enrollment can be found on the Enrollment Documents page.

How to Enroll into Kindergarten

Visit your zoned school during Kindergarten Roundup week or complete the Online Enrollment & Registration process with the important Enrollment Documents. Your child’s enrollment will be delayed if you do not bring the required documents. Allow plenty of time to fill out forms.

Parent Guide to Kindergarten Readiness

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting Kindergarten for the first time is an experience for the student and the parent. We have compiled a series of frequently asked questions to get ease the transition for both student and parent.

Frequently Asked Questions