The Mission of AIS Library

Wonder. Create. Connect.

 Vision Statement 

AIS Library inspires wonder through a multitude of read-alouds, fun interactive activities during the library lessons and daily visits, literacy incentives, contests, & author studies. Students’ creativity is generated while they are working at the library’s Makerspace, Writing Lab or during the research projects. Also, AIS Library is a hub for connection - a place where students can find out from the librarians about the newest book collections, online browsing options and the best digital resources. It is a space where parents learn about the most popular books they can offer to their kids and reading strategies they can apply right away at home. Here exists a plethora of topics that spark cooperation with class teachers. It’s a very comfortable and vibrant space for students’ collaboration with each other where discussions, debates, cooperative learning projects take place on a daily basis. Eventually, students find the library as a cozy spot to connect with themselves - an invitation to relax and reflect about things that matter. 

With our offered designated work spaces, advice, and a multitude of resources, the AIS library supports and nourishes the crucial skills which form the AIS portrait of a graduate student.

  AIS Library - your space to wonder, connect, and create!