Foundation 2

Honeysuckle Farm (3rd July 2018)

The children had a fantastic time at the farm! We saw many animals, fed the fish and the goats, had a ride around the farm on a cart pulled by Tinkerbell, played on the hay bales and we watched the cows being milked! We had our packed lunches outside in the sunshine and then we all had an ice cream, made with the milk from the cows on the farm - it was delicious! Such a fabulous day enjoyed by all. Thank you to our volunteer parents who were looked after by their team of children! Behaviour was outstanding throughout - well done everyone!

Sports Day (2nd July 2018)

Big Malarkey (2nd July 2018)

As part of the Hull Literacy Festival, e children enjoyed a trip to The Big Malarkey at East Park. The children's behaviour was exemplary, we are very proud of our F2s!