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Reading at Hall Road Academy


We love to read at Hall Road Academy!

Home/School Reading - Children take home a reading book every day across the academy. In Key Stage One, children read books from the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. In Key Stage Two, children read Accelerated Reading books. All of our home/school reading books are targeted at children's abilities and regular assessments are made to assess progress.

Whole Class Reading/Guided Reading

In class, we use a special way of teaching children to comprehend what they are reading. Resilient Reader is a reading superhero who has incredible hands! His left hand helps us to understand the ‘gist’ of what we’re reading and his right hand develops our understanding of how to find, infer, predict, explain and compare. We can skim and scan texts to find our evidence too! We love to clarify, question, summarise and predict across the curriculum too – especially in our Topic lessons. - Click here to watch the amazing Resilient Reader video.

Class Read/Shared Reading

We love reading books as a class. We use the Hull Library Service for whole-class stories and read them together in our classrooms. We read aloud, discuss what we are reading and learn new vocabulary. Sometimes, we even get to listen to audio books to hear how authors read their books.

Autumn Term Book Recommendations

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two

Choices from our Staff Room