Values and Ethos

Our Vision:

Together, we aspire to become a learning organisation capable of continuous improvement. A place where:

  • Pupils attain and achieve through a vibrant and relevant child centred and theme based curriculum.
  • All staff are confident, valued and motivated to give their best and are renowned for the excellent quality of teaching, learning, care, welfare and support which they provide.
  • Barriers between the academy and the community are removed.

In a caring and loving environment, our staff provide an opportunity for each child to blossom in their educational experiences. We offer children the chance to embrace a variety of learning skills and environment experiences so that they may grow in both dependent and independent learning - enjoying listening to others to gain knowledge and expressing formed opinions of their own.

Teaching is not just the imparting of knowledge on a set subject but, understanding that a child is very much surrounded by an inescapable life environment. We see that education is for embracing the whole of life, seeing each "child's world" as a unique place to grow as a person in their thinking, feeling, reasoning, spiritual outlook and moral values.

We see that the curriculum should be shaped jointly by staff and learners to meet individual needs with a value placed on learning from experience. We see that access to the whole curriculum is a child's right all throughout their education. We seek to remove any barriers so that each child is able to embrace the whole curriculum and, therefore, meet their educational potential.