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Mediasphere 2017 Daily Plans

In Mediasphere, our goal will be to create a media rich presentation focusing on an area of Environmental Science, while tying in to our Cradle 2 Cradle theme. Students will be encouraged to pick a topic they are interested in learning more about or are passionate about. Sample projects include a public service announcement, a video, commercial, flyer or other presentation. We know that media can be very persuasive and that media combined with social media is a very powerful force in today's society for effecting change. To give the students ideas for a project topic, we will visit Shenandoah University and the Blue Ridge Institute for Environmental Studies. SU has examples of green roof and green building technologies as well as being the home of BRIES. We will learn how our theme, Cradle 2 Cradle is exemplified at the University level and see examples that apply to each of our lives. While at SU, we will visit their media department to see what technologies they are using to create video for webpages as well as other print media. We will visit a television station and observe a live news cast! We will visit the Town of Front Royal's Energy Services Department to hear about electricity, how it's generated and what is on the horizon as far as alternative means of generating electricity. We will also visit JMU to use Science on a Sphere. I have been trained in using the SOS technology so the students will be looking at the software (overlays) ahead of time and plan their own trip so they can see data sets that might be helpful to them in their final projects. We will work in the Community Garden at Hedgebrook Farm as our community service, and finally, we will visit an electronics recycling center to see how old electronics can be reclaimed. 

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