BREGS Student Evaluation

The BREGS site director, staff and county gifted and talented directors approved a new student evaluation for the 2015 BREGS session.  This new evaluation should allow for better understanding of what is expected of students during the two weeks BREGS is in session.  The evaluation will focus on three main criteria at which students are expected to excel during BREGS.
Sphere teachers will cover specific details of each of the three main criteria, but I will provide a brief summary that should help you better understand the focus of BREGS and how we evaluate and choose returning students the following year.
First, students are expected to participate vocally and physically in all sphere activities.  This must be done in an appropriate manner, with a positive and productive attitude at all times.  Negative disruptions, lack of participation and unproductive behaviors are things that will cause the score in this section to be impacted negatively.  All BREGS students are expected to be good leaders and make a positive impact on the BREGS experience.
Secondly, students are expected to answer daily questions posted on our website and respond to other students and teachers.  We want this part of BREGS to be as interactive between spheres as possible.  The questions posted are ones that the teachers of BREGS developed to promote reflection and understanding of important topics related to the theme of BREGS and specifically each sphere.  Responding to other sphere’s questions will promote interaction between spheres, a better understanding of sphere themes and better communication between all parts of the BREGS whole.
Finally, students will be expected to create a cumulative project that represents their understanding a given topic(s) presented during the BREGS experience.  Each teacher will send home a specific project rubric that will better explain what is required.    

Click here for the Assessment Rubric