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2023 Biosphere BREGS Field Trip Schedule
Day 3

Day 4:

On today's trip, we learned about saving and preserving endangered species and reintroducing them into the environment. We learned about how scientists can track animals and use data to learn about specific species. We also had an amazing view of some testing plots for experimentation with plants.

Day 4

Day 5:

I guess you could say today rained on our parade. We were unable to make it to Buzzards Rock to hike due to flooding on the roads. Instead, we went to Strasburg Park and walked along a trail. After that, we were supposed to have our pool day, but the pool was unfortunately closed. So we went back to SKMS, had our pizza there, and enjoyed popcorn while we watched the movie, Coco. Even though it wasn't exactly what we had planned, we still all had fun!

Day 6: C&C Ice Cream and Happy Creek

To begin the day, we went to C&C Frozen Treats in Front Royal and learned about the process of making ice cream. After that, we headed over to Happy Creek to sample water quality (which was not very good). We had lunch at the pavilion and then went back to Signal Knob to do some work on our projects.

Day 6

Day 7: Buzzard Rock & Strasburg Park

Today, we just re-tried Friday's schedule instead of canoeing since the water level is to too high to be safe. We went to Buzzard Rock Trail and hiked 2 miles up to an amazing view and 2 miles back down. After that, we met the rest of the BREGS spheres at Strasburg Park. We went to the swimming pool and the playground and just socialized and messed around.

Day 7

Day 8: Bull Run Conservatory

Today, we went to Bull Run Conservatory for their herpetology program (the study of amphibians and reptiles). First, we had a speaker talk to us about herpetology, and then we went on a small hike to look for salamanders, frogs, toads, etc. Overall, we learned a lot about amphibians and reptiles and their importance in our environment.

2017 Year

Day 1 - First Day

We had an amazing first day getting to know each other and learning river sampling techniques!

Day 2

We had a great first field trip!

Day 3 - Elizabeth Furnace

Today, we tested the water quality of Elizabeth Furnace! We had fun using a kick net to capture macroinvertebrates. Thankfully, the water quality was excellent!

Day 4 - Shenandoah National Park

We had a so much fun at Shenandoah National Park learning about and looking for salamanders and testing water quality!

Day 5

We did not take any pictures, but we went to Strasburg Park with all the other spheres, had pizza, and had fun in the pool and around the park!

Day 6 - Bull Run

Today, we went to Bull Run Conservatory and learned about herpetology, the study of amphibians and reptiles. We saw and learned about snakes, frogs, toads, lizards, and salamanders!

2016 Year

Special thanks to our wonderful bus driver, Gene!

2015 Year

Scientific Exploration at Blandy Farm

Community Service at the Strasburg Park

Kayaking and Planting a Butterfly Habitat in Shenandoah State Park

Herpetology at Bull Run Conservancy

Learning about the Shenandoah Salamander and the Red Back Salamander in Shenandoah National Park.

First Day- Introduction of Native and Invasive Species of Plants

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