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BREGS Schedule Biosphere 2017

Biosphere Food Drive
Thank you for all of your contributions to Biosphere's food drive! We raised 361.2 pounds of food for the Restore Hope House in Strasburg! We all appreciate everything you did for the less fortunate.

2017 Year

Day 1 - First Day

We had an amazing first day getting to know each other and learning river sampling techniques!

Day 2

We had a great first field trip!

Day 3 - Elizabeth Furnace

Today, we tested the water quality of Elizabeth Furnace! We had fun using a kick net to capture macroinvertebrates. Thankfully, the water quality was excellent!

Day 4 - Shenandoah National Park

We had a so much fun at Shenandoah National Park learning about and looking for salamanders and testing water quality!

Day 5
We did not take any pictures, but we went to Strasburg Park with all the other spheres, had pizza, and had fun in the pool and around the park!

Day 6 - Bull Run

Today, we went to Bull Run Conservatory and learned about herpetology, the study of amphibians and reptiles. We saw and learned about snakes, frogs, toads, lizards, and salamanders!

2016 Year

Special thanks to our wonderful bus driver, Gene!

June 20th - First Day

June 21 - Science at Blandy

June 22 - Andy "Guest" Park

June 23 - Shenandoah National Park

June 24 - Restore Hope House

June 27 - Bull Run Conservancy

June 29 - White House Farm Guest Speaker

2015 Year
Scientific Exploration at Blandy Farm
Community Service at the Strasburg Park
Kayaking and Planting a Butterfly Habitat in Shenandoah State Park
Herpetology at Bull Run Conservancy
Learning about the Shenandoah Salamander and the Red Back Salamander in Shenandoah National Park.
First Day- Introduction of Native and Invasive Species of Plants
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