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The goal of the Geosphere this year is to provide students with opportunities to both learn and demonstrate learning within the community, with peers, and on an individual level.  Students will be challenged with a Rube Goldberg project, in addition to a variety of field experiences.  This year we will visit Skyline Drive and meet with the man who designed and implemented the bear-proof trash bins and coordinates the recycling throughout the state park. We will drop off shoes at the Frederick County Landfill and tour their facilities, tour Skyline Caverns, and TREX Decking.  .  We will also do community service at Belle Grove Plantation.  Last, but not least, all spheres this year will learn to work together in the food collection contest. Unlike years past when spheres worked against each other, this year we are joining forces!  As a whole-group we would like to collect canned food to benefit Restore Hope House.   So let’s work together and reach our goal!

2017 Calendar:

JUNE 19th – June 29th            ARRIVE @ 9:30      DEPART @ 3:00






19  Orientation 

-Get to know each other


-Cell Phones

-Computer Labs for Website & Rube Goldberg

****Remember: We will be outside a lot most days.  Please wear sunscreen, appropriate shoes, bug spray if needed, and water bottles*****

20 Skyline Drive 

-Drop off Rube Goldberg materials in classroom

-Hiking to waterfall for lunch

Remember to wear old shoes, work gloves, bug spray, water bottles, sunscreen

21 Belle Grove

-Drop off Rube Goldberg materials in the classroom

-Community Service and volunteer work at Belle Grove

****Tomorrow: Remember to wear jacket; it gets cold!!!!!****

22  Skyline Caverns

-Drop off Rube Goldberg materials in the classroom

-Skyline Caverns and lunch on grounds

-School Spirit Day tomorrow: wear your school shirt proudly!

****Tomorrow: Remember to wear old shoes, work gloves, bug spray, water bottles, sunscreen, any sports equiptment for park, card games, bathing suit, money for pool****

23 White House Farm & Picnic


Whole group lunch @ Strasburg Park


****Remember to wear long pants and closed toe shoes for TREX  Monday****


26  TREX 

-Tour TREX

****Tomorrow: Remember to wear old shoes, work gloves, bug spray, water bottles, sunscreen ***

-Canoe Talk in Forum at 2:30

27 Canoe Trip 

*****Remember to bring ICE CREAM money for tomorrow!!****

28 Frederick County Landfill, Save a Sole & Ice Cream

-Frederick County Landfill

-Drop off shoes for Save A Sole

-Lunch & Ice Cream

29  Final Day 

1:00-2:00 student/parents complete survey and students present to parents

-Opportunity to show parents what you have learned over the past 2 weeks.  Present Rube Goldberg and Website.


Best wishes!

Hope to see you next year! 

Carrie Redcay

Michele Barber


In one activity, students simulated the water cycle by following directions on different cards to form a story that followed the journey of a unique drop of water.

A ball with the outline of earth's continents was thrown around the circle and students had to keep track of whether their thumbs landed on 'water' or 'land'.

Students searching a regional map for Shenandoah National Park, home to Skyline Drive.

Our speaker, Regina Cardwell, teaching the students about what Skyline Drive does to help Shenandoah National Park as well as the environment. "Who here recycles?" she asks the students, raising her own hand.

What was your favorite thing we did today?
Jackson: "Probably the water molecule activity because, you didn't really know where you were going to end up until the end. 

What do you think was the main idea of what we learned today?
Anna: About the effect we have on water. There isn't much fresh water and we're wasting a lot of it.

What are you going to rethink or change after our trip to skyline drive? 
Grayson: I'd be more cautious about the water pollution and recycle more because she (Regina Cardwell) talked a lot about how the recycling percentages could be higher.


Our hostess, Karen Beck-Herzog, introducing our project of the day: To plant a pollinator garden planned by a middle school class in Warrenton

The plan for the garden

Belle Grove's master gardener, Larry Hawn, instructing the students on how to properly plant the pollinators

The students, hard at work planting!

The finished product!

After lunch, Larry took us on a surprise tour of Belle Grove's famous garden where we learned all sorts of neat facts about a variety of super cool plants.

What was your favorite part about today?
 Liv: " Coming back to  the school for Rube Goldbergs."

What is the best part of community service for you?
Eva: "For me it's helping people out so they don't have to do all the work.It's just a good feeling to help people."
What are you going to rethink or change after our trip to Belle Grove?
Liz: " You could grow different things (plants)to help pollination." 


Tour guide Brooke Henry telling students facts about many of the caverns' rock formations and lots of interesting history.

(Pictured sideways) Student Alivia Ricci hugging the caverns' "lucky" stalagmite, and only formation allowed to touch

Just a few of the many formations found in the caverns, including flowstone, a reflective drip pool, and hexagonal calcite crystals.

Trip Pictures

Jun 1, 2016, 9:27 AM