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Our Lady of Good Success

Our Lady of Good Success, Marian holy cards collection,
ML.031 Box 16, circa 1675-2018. Marian Library, 
University of Dayton Libraries, Dayton, Ohio.




In 1952, five Sisters traveled from Spain to Quito, Ecuador, in hope to start the first convent in Ecuador. One of the five sisters was Mariana de Jesus Torres, who is the niece of the Mother Superior (Carota). On February 2nd of that year Mother Mariana was praying. Her prayer went on for a long time, and during her prayer she heard a voice of a woman. Mother Mariana saw the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Blessed Virgin Mary said, “I am Mary of Good Success, the Queen of Heaven and Earth… As His Mother, I carry (the Child Jesus) here, in My left arm, so that together we might restrain the hand of Divine Justice, which is always so ready to chastise this unfortunate and criminal world" (Carota). Our Lady of Good Success then proceeded to put the Child Jesus in Mother Mariana’s arms. This would not be the last time that Our Lady of Good Success would appear in front of Mother Mariana. When Our Lady of Good Success appeared in front of her on January 16th, 1599, Our Lady of Good Success demanded to Mother Mariana that a statue be made that depicts her as she appears to the holy religious (Carota). Mother Mariana then proceeded to measure her so that the statue could be accurate. It took Mother Mariana a while to finally get the statue sculpted because she was afraid that people would not believe her story and would make her convent look bad. The statue was eventually sculpted by Francisco del Castillo in 1610 (“Our Lady of Good Success”).

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Researched by Michael H. Meade

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“Our Lady of Good Success.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 25 Feb. 2018,

Hail Mary

Dios te salve, María. 
Llena eres de gracia: El Señor es contigo. 
Bendita tú eres entre todas las mujeres. 
Y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre: Jesús. 
Santa María, Madre de Dios, 
ruega por nosotros pecadores, 
ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte. 


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