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This online tool is the result of a cross-disciplinary project between religious studies and engineering students at the University of Dayton. It draws upon the resources of the Marian Library. Learn about images, locations, histories, and popular devotions related to various titles of Mary throughout the Americas. This app and website are primarily student-run projects with minimal funding, so we appreciate your patience with glitches.

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Marian Flyer

The above image is sample of the Mary of the Americas / Mary APParitions flyers that are open access, may be shared freely, and may be downloaded by going to the webpage linked below. Please note, you may interact with the QR Codes (QRCs) on the fliers and, depending on your device, you may need to install a QR Code Scanner on your device.

PDF with All of the Mary of the Americas Fliers

Marian Studies and Spirituality

Listen here to the panel discussion on Radio Maria.

Fed by this project - play here

Letania a la Madre de las Americas 

part of the Latin Grammy nominated Caminemos con Jesus 

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Mariah Allen, Thomas Clontz, Aneudy De Jesus, Jillian Foster, Annie Keefe, Mary Landry, Michael Meade, Logan Rush, Luis Russe Gonzalez, Abigail Schaefer, Abby Sturgill, Scott Vater, Courtney Ware, Lillian Weber, Sam White, Corinne Woodruff

Kayla Harris, Jason Bourgeois, Andrew Kosmowski, S.M.

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Samantha Mayne, Hassan Alnasser, Almuaayad AlMaskari, Andrew Frey, 

Dan Hutcheson, Dan Patterson

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Jacob Sheehan, R. Mark Zeitzmann, Neomi De Anda, Ph.D.


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