The Next Big Thing

What is The Next Big thing?

The netbooks currently use the standard Ubuntu Netbook Remix interface. However, Ubuntu, and more specifically Canonical seem to be removing support for this interface. So if ever we needed to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu, the interface would need to be changed too.

So "The Next Big Thing" is a new interface for the Netbooks. An interface that is modern and exciting. Users should be comfortable in the environment and be able to change things to suit themselves.


The Next Big Thing must:
  • Provide a clean interface.
  • Be stable.
  • Be easy to use.
  • Leave as much of the screen free as possible.
Possible Solutions:
These are some screen shots of something I tried. It would need some pretty heavy development to be used. It's very Mac OS X'ish.

Prototype Images

Prototype - after first logging in. Only menu on bottom is visible.

Menu bar (for applications) as well as time, date, wireless, volume etc. appear when the mouse cursor is moved to the top of the screen.

Pressing alt-tab results in the above display. The applications move around in a circle when alt-tab is pressed again.

With a simple key press, applications are shrunk and arranged so that they can be selected quickly and easily. An application can then be brought into focus with a mouse click.

The bottom menu disappears when an application is in full screen. It reappears when the cursor is moved to the bottom center of the screen. This allows for the FULL screen to be used for applications.

So we need to start thinking about interfaces...