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        Syllabus  Section 1, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

        Syllabus  Section 4, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

        Project one   
        Project two
        Questionnaire on chapter 8 of The Golden Rule, "The Golden Rule of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man."
        Notes on Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics [322-384 B.C.E., born in Macedonia, lived mostly in Athens, Greece]
        Thomas Aquinas on faith, hope, and love [1225-1274, Italian, taught mostly at University of Paris in France]
        Notes on Immanuel Kant (German [well, at that time, there was no politically unified Germany; it was Prussia], 1724-1804)
        Notes on the utilitarianism of John Stuart Mill (English, 1806-73)
        Notes on the feminist ethics of caring of Nel Noddings (United States, 1929-)

        Podcasts (audio files) from an older version of this course are available on iTunes U.  If you attempt to use the following link, you may be prompted to download the most recent version of iTunes.  If so, go ahead with the download, and then restart your computer.  Use the link again.  Once you arrive at the Kent State region of the iTunes network, navigate to the Arts and Sciences icon, click on that, then scroll down and click on the course of mine that you want, then click on the podcast you want, and then it should start up for you.

      These lectures were recorded some years ago, and they do not cover all the same material that we are doing this semester; but some students have found them helpful.

The Beauty of Goodness: Introduction to Ethics