District Advisory Committee

  1. Each of the state’s K-12 Public Schools participate in the Minnesota System Accountability Process which encourages the district’s citizens to provide advice and feedback to the school system regarding educational program effectiveness. The Becker School District Curriculum Advisory Committee provides this system accountability. Meetings are held a minimum of three times per year.

  2.                                               Member 2017 - 2018

  3. Parents and Community Members

  4. Kristen Ryan, Bruce Parsons, Sarah Johnson, Mike Steckelberg, Kris Reichle, Rollie Oliver, Nancy Hendrickson, Tracy Johnson

    School Board Representatives

    Lori Molus, Brian Olson

    BEA Representatives

    Regan Anderson, Julie Knutsen

    Committee membership is open to parents and other members of the community who are interested in curriculum instruction and student achievement. A second criterion is to balance our membership with parents of children from all four buildings. Finally, we strive to include members who do not have children in our school but have a passion for the continuous improvement of our school district. Members serve three-year terms. If you are interested in becoming a member, call or stop by the District Office to pick up an application or download the application below and return to the district office by July 31st.

  1. Members 2016 - 2017