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30 Day Challenge

Let's face it, change is hard.  The 30 Day Challenge Project is an attempt to make positive change in your life.  For this project you will find something you want to change about your life and attempt to change it over 30 days 

Essential Questions
-How does a small repeated task turn into big change?
-How can I resist temptation?
-How does my support help others in our community?

What Students Will Do:
-Figure out what you want to change in your life (See the list below for examples)  
-Pecha Kucha only images (6 X 10 = 2 minutes)
-Record Quantitative (numerical) and Qualitative (descriptive words) Data for your Challenge everyday 
-Support Challenge Buddy with 3 support messages per week.
-Analyze the data at the end of the Challenge

Examples of 30 Day Challenges:
-Doing 30 minutes of exercise everyday
-Change your eating habits: no eating meat, wheat, or candy 
-Unplugging : no TV, no internet, or no video games
-Not wearing make up 

Pecha Kucha (6 X 10 = 6 slide presentation X 10 seconds per slide - 1 minute)
-Each student will create a 6 X 10 Pecha Kucha only images, no words
-You will present these on launch day, Tuesday, January 14th
-Create this as a Google Drive Presentation
    -Try to make each picture fit the entire slide
    -Save as Name-Pecha Kucha-30 Day Challenge
    -When you have put all 10 pictures in, click File->Publish to web->click on slide transition every 10 seconds

-Your Pecha Kucha must include the following:
    -What is your 30 Day Challenge?
    -Why do you want to do your 30 Day Challenge?
    -What difficulties will you have and how do you plan on overcoming them?
    -How do you plan on measuring data?
    -What do you hope to be an outcome of your 30 Day Challenge?

Post Project Pecha Kucha - 7slides X 10sec minimum.  (10 slides X 10 sec max)
    -The guidelines are loose, but if you need some help getting started:
        -Describe your challenge 
        -How did you go about doing your challenge (what changes did you make in your life for the challenge)?
        -What were difficulties?
        -What are the results of your challenge?
Here is Chris's example of his Pecha Kucha:
Here is Chris's 2014 Pecha Kucha Slide Show: Chris's 2014 Pecha Kucha

Record Data
Quantitative Data:  Each day you will record two pieces of numerical data about your challenge.  At least once a week you must update your Quantitative data on the internet (this will help in case you lose your sheet). 
    -One piece of numerical data will be your mood from 1-10 (1=Very Sad, 10=Extremely Happy!) 
    -One other piece of data that relates to your topic (minutes exercising, number of times you wanted to go on the internet, how many vegetables you ate), calories burned, number of cravings you had)
    -At the end you will make two graphs (linear vs time and a mood histogram)
Qualitative Data:  Each student will have a Blogger account that they will update based on blog prompts that Chris puts on the class calendar.
    -For full credit your blog must be at least four sentences long. 
    -You will also read and respond to at least 4 blogs per week.
    -Here is a link to Chris' Blog:

Supporting Your Challenge Buddy
-4 times a week you will write a message to support your buddy.  
    -You can facebook, text, or email them for 2 of your messages.
    -At least 1 per week must be a written note (please save these)
    -You will also have another challenge buddy from outside of the school. This challenge buddy can be a friend, a family member, or a teacher.  Your job is to support them with their challenge. 

-You will create at two graphs of your data.  Be sure to use at least two different types of graphs (Box and Whisker, Histogram, Pie Chart, Line graph).
-You can do them by hand or on Excel. 
-You must also have a statement explaining your data and why you chose your type of graph.

Even teachers go through critiques and revisions.  Take a look at my original plan for this project and look how much better it became when I asked for critiques through a Project Tuning Protocol.   30DayChallenge-Original Plan.docx