Text Message Notices

The Grafton Schools uses School Messenger software to send parents important notices via email and text.  If you wish to add you text number to important notices, log into Skyward Family Access to edit your numbers.

Login to Family Access.  (Contact your school office if you do not know your login information.)

1) Click on Skylert on the left menu to update your information. If you have multiple students in Family Access, select any active student from the top student selection list.  Your information on this screen will update for all of your children. 

2) To add a text number (s), make sure you enter the numbers at the bottom of the screen in the“Text Message Numbers” section.

3)  Check your preferences

School Hours Emergency 6AM - 9PM

Non-School Hours 9PM - 6AM

General:  Important office notices ( not closure/emergency notices )

Disregard the column of check boxes for “Survey”.

Each guardian can add an additional 9 telephone numbers, 7 email addresses, or 4 text numbers.  

4) Make sure to click SAVE in the upper right.