SPAM Issue

May 3, 2017   SPAM message that came from School accounts.

(1 of 3) Official Google Statement on Phishing Email: We have taken action to protect users against an email impersonating Google Docs...

— Google Docs (@googledocs) May 3, 2017
#1  Delete the messages.  If you open the message, do not click on the "OPEN DOC" link.

#2  IF YOU DID Click on the link and give rights to "allow" the app, you sent a message then from your email account.
   You can see who you sent the messages to in your Sent Mail.  

#3  If you allowed the app or typed in a google account password after clicking on the link, you need to remove an app that you auto added to your account.  You probably should also update your Google password.


Look for an app called "Google Docs"  (with a Google Drive icon)   you will see that the Authorization date is at the time of the SPAM authorization.


(the REAL Google Drive app that is legit is called Google Drive)