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Chrome Apps

Google Chrome has a separate login account that you can sync with your Google account.   

The benefit of the Chrome login is that you can customize your bookmarks, browser settings and extensions and can access them from different devices.

 All Grafton students have a Google account to access their email, docs, calendars, etc. 
  You can see your Google account in the upper right of any Google mail or Document.   

 The Chrome account is a different login location but can be the same username and password as your Google account.

You have to be using the Chrome browser (not Firefox, Internet Explorer).  If you are using a Chromebook, you are already logged into your Chrome account. 

  Click on the options button in the upper right and then "Sign into Chrome".   If the device is assigned to you long term (not a day check out device) you can click on "Link Data" to synchronize your account with the device.