Alternate Method

If you want to keep just a few files, you can share them from your school account with a personal Google account. 

   - - - IMPORTANT - - -  Log into your personal account, make copies of the files you shared so that the files are not removed when your account is deleted.

If you need just a few emails, you can forward the messages to your personal account.  NOTE:  If the email includes a Google Document, you will need to follow the document share and copy directions above.

If you want to export or backup all of your Google docs files and emails, follow the directions below.        

Google Drive

Log into your school google account

Google Takeout will allow you to backup YOUR Google Documents, if you have docs shared with you, you must make a copy of each doc before backup.
Check the boxes on the right for the Google Apps you want to export 
on bottom click Next
Leave as Zip and Send download link via email
click Create archive

Archive will take a while depending on size of account

When it completes, you can click on Download to retrieve your files.

Save this file to keep your data.  Do not leave this file on a computer at school but copy it to a USB drive or save at home.

Download and extract the files.  You can generally double click on a zip file to open the folders and files.

Extract the "Drive" folder to a location on your computer hard drive.   

Log into your personal gmail account

open Google Drive
click on the gear in the upper right   

place a "check" on the Convert uploads to Google Docs
click Done

Go to My Drive on left (You may want to make a new folder called "GHS Files" and open that folder to contain your school files.)
click on New (button on left)
Folder upload
find your "Drive" folder you extracted before
Upload may take a while depending on your folder size.

Video Tutorial

Google Email
Export email into a personal Gmail account.   You can also download your email in the Google Drive steps above and can keep your email in the zip file and restore it later using this tutorial.  

Follow these directions if you want to copy all your school email to your personal Google email account.

In your School email account

  • Click on the gear in the upper right
  • Settings
  • Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • in the middle "POP Download" section
  • click on radio button - Enable POP for all mail
  • Save Changes at bottom

Go you your personal gmail account
  • Click on the gear in the upper right
  • Settings
  • Accounts and Import
  • Import Mail and Contact
  • Step 1: Sign into your other email account
  • Type your full school email address. ex.
  • Continue

  • Enter your school google password 
  • POP username = school email address  (
  • POP Server =
  • click on Edit and change port to 995 and check the SSL box.
  • Continue
  Leave Import mail checked
  Check "archive" if you want the messages moved to your personal mail Archive
  • Start Import

Mail will transfer over the next hour(s)