Students in 6th - 12th grade at Grafton Schools have access to Microsoft Office online as well as a free download of Microsoft Office for their home computer or phone.

Go to
Select "Sign in"
Enter your school email address   (ex: )
Enter you initial 5 digit password  (If you changed your Microsoft password in a computer lab, use your Microsoft password)

After you login you will see the Office applications you can use

Select any of the programs to use the online program.  These work the same way as Google Docs such as web based interface, automatic save and cloud storage.  Note: Office online does not interact with your Google account and other Grafton Schools Google users.  

Files are saved by default in Microsoft OneDrive which you can access anywhere. 

If you want to move them to your Google drive, you will need to download the file and then upload the file into Google Drive.

You are able to download and install a fully functioning version for Microsoft Office with your school account.   Use the Install Office image on the right side.

You can install the program on up to 5 devices on a PC, Mac, or even the Mobile app.
Once your account is removed from our network, your account will be deactivated.  You should plan on downloading your files from Microsoft OneDrive when you leave our schools.

During the install, uncheck the option for "Allow my organization to manage my device".