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Google Password Change

Students will be prompted to create new passwords for their Google accounts for second semester.   If a student has been using a phone or tablet with their school Google account, they will receive a login error and will need to reconnect their account.  Follow the error prompts and the screen below will appear prompting to create a new password.

If students do not remember their passwords, have their teacher email "helpdesk@grafton.k12.wi.us" with the student name and grade.

Your new Google password will need to contain at least 8 characters. 

The key is to create a password you can remember but also one that is complex so that it cannot be guessed or cracked.
A good password contains a combination of letters (both upper and lowercase), numbers and symbols (#@^$). 
Combine two or more words and substitute a number or symbol for a letter.

Something like "dangerousocotopus" would be okay because of its length, but it is not very complex.  "Dang3r0u$OctoPus!" would be much better.