School Directory

School Directory

In Skyward Family Access, parents can now access the School Directory online for schools.  It appears as an option in the left menu called "School Directory" and lists all guardian names, address, phone numbers, and email addresses for every student in the school.

Visibility Control

To modify or remove the information that appears in the directory, parents must go to the "My Account" in the upper right corner.

Scroll to the bottom to edit your School Directory visibility.
You may remove all information displayed by removing the check mark from "Add Family with <student names> to the School Directory".   You may also remove address, email or phone visibility with the other check boxes.

  Be sure to scroll back to the top and click "Save".

Advanced Options

To sort the Directory by grade level, click on "Show Advanced Filter Options".

Select the grade level or results per page and click "View".


Click the print icon in the upper right to print a copy of the directory.  You may want to filter by grade level before printing.