Email - How to allow school communication to reach your Inbox

Grafton Schools use email to frequently communicate with parents both from individual teacher accounts as well as system accounts.  In order for you to receive all information that is provided for you by the school district, it is beneficial to you to allow email from all school addresses in your email program.

Grafton uses two domains, for staff and system accounts while all students use

In your parent email account, you will want to allow all email from any address from "" and "" email domains.  

If you cannot allow domains, you may mark specific addresses for "non-junk".  

Allow these addresses plus your child's teacher addresses:

Instructions on how to allow school email past your SPAM or junk filter.

There are many instructional videos on Youtube if you search for your email program.  Ex.  "how to whitelist domain in gmail"  or  "how to whitelist domain in yahoo mail"

For step by step directions in