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Student Accounts

To all School Parents,
All elementary school students at Grafton Schools have access to school email accounts and Google Apps.  Each student has an individual Google account except for those who indicated to not allow access during registration.
Grafton teachers may use Google’s suite of web based programs with students to provide access to email, chat,  word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and collaboration tools. The intended users of Google email and Google Apps will be grades 3 and up while the accounts in K-2 are used for document file sharing on classroom iPads.  The District uses a third party vendor (Gaggle.net) to filter and monitor inappropriate content in the Google email, chat and applications. The Google Apps for Education service is available through an agreement between Wisconsin DPI and Google. The terms of service are different from the commercial Google terms of service. 
Many teachers are using Google Docs to have students write at school and to easily continue their writing activities at home.  

Can Parents see their child's work?
Parents are able to log onto their child's account.   The username and password are the same as the DreamBox login (grades 2 - 5) or can be found in Skyward Family Access.  Directions for finding the account are at the bottom of this message.  If your student has changed their password, please ask them for the password.
Currently the K-5 email and chat accounts can only send and receive within the Grafton School domain so students can only contact other students or teachers.  If teacher classroom projects in the upper elementary grades (3-5) require to contact other sites, additional domains may be individually opened for student communication.
The link to log into a student Google account is found via a button on each school's web page called "Student Links".   On the Student Links page you will see the Google Apps link.
By using that link, students only need to type in there user name (ex.  smithjoe002 )  and not their full email address (smithjoe002@graftonschools.org )
To look up your child's login in Skyward:
  1. Log onto Skyward Family Access
  2. Select your child's name at top
  3. Select Student Info at the left
  4. The student School Email field is near the top.  
  5. Note the Other ID number listed for the Google password information.
    •     K - Grade 4 students replace the first 3 numbers with the word "blue" and add the last two numbers.  ex. OtherID 24543   =   blue43
    •   Grade 5 students use the full 5 digits of their OtherID.  (This helps them to prepare for middle school with one less number to memorize at JLMS.)
Please contact me if you have any questions about Google Apps for Education and how it will be used in the Grafton Schools.
Rick Seybold
Director of Technology