Classroom Suite At Home install

This page includes a link to the Classroom Suite At Home install, compressed in a ZIP file, and installation videos to help get it installed.

Step 1: Download the zip file. You can download it -> HERE <-  Be warned, its about 520mb in size and may take a while.  You'll have to click the download arrow like in the picture below.

Step 2: You'll see a warning like the one below, you can safely ignore it this time.

Step 3: Install.  You can follow along with the videos located -> HERE <-

Note: You will be required to enter a Username, Password, and ID. Please contact Marikay Aria for these.

Note2:  In the video I took, I already had Quicktime installed, you may have to update your version to the latest.

Step 3: Launch the program and make sure that its working properly.

Please contact Marikay Aria for questions about Activities.