My Outdoor School provided an electronics lab for those kids that had no chance of functioning in a normal social environment, so I spent most of my time there.

I was interested in the limits of human strength, and how to maximize it through chemistry and electronics. I had read about mothers lifting cars off of their babies, and so forth, so I decided to design a suit that would vastly increase my strength. First, I worked on the arm.

The arm of the suit fed (when turned on) an intravenous supply of Epinephrine and an adrenocorticotropic hormone into the bloodstream. This, coupled with strategically placed electrodes on key muscle groups, would, I reasoned, allow me to increase muscle activity while maintaining muscle control.

I hooked up the electrodes and the I.V. to test my new creation. I decided to start simple by curling 200 lbs. with my one artificially inhanced arm. It worked!! I did 10 reps. and I felt great.

I turned off the arm and pulled out the I.V. but I noticed I had accidentally left the I.V. apeture wide open. So I had 100 cc's of adrenalin pumping through my veins.

10 seconds later I thought my heart was going to explode, so I ran to the Infirmary. In my haste, I forgot to open the door to the building and I crashed through it -- shattering it and knocking myself unconscious in the process.

I woke up a short time later with the camp nurse standing over me. She said something about young people and drugs, and then carried me back to my cabin.

I stayed in bed for the next 48 hours because of the residual effects of my artificial arm -- complete paralysis of almost all the central nervous system. But it did give me a chance to think about life, in general.