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Technology FAQ

  1. Why is the Internet not working? Browsers in Davie County Schools default to the DCS Website.  Occasionally, the website is down which makes it appear that the Internet is not working.  Users should go to an alternate web site such as Google.com to verify if the Internet is down.

  2. Why is my desktop computer not functioning properly?

  1. I can’t log in to the computer…

    1. Check the back of the computer to make sure that the network cord is plugged in (see #2)

    2. Make sure that you see orange/yellow lights blinking at the network port

    3. If both of the above are good, restart the computer

    4. If cord is plugged in and you don’t see lights, the port is not live. Enter a work order.

    5. If you still can’t log in, record the exact error message that appears and put it in a work order

  2. Nothing is showing on my smartboard, my monitor is black or I only see the windows flag Windows_XP_2001.jpg on the smartboard…  

    1. Start > Connect to a Projector

    2. On the remote hit Source Search to be sure you have the correct Computer source (should be Computer 1 - so that sound works)

    3. Hit the Windows flag Windows_XP_2001.jpgand the letter P to select Duplicate to show output on monitor and Smartboard

    4. If none of these steps are successful, enter a work order

  3. Only part of my screen is showing…

    1. On the remote, hit the Aspect button (should be 4:3)

    2. On the remote, hit the Source Search button to run setup again

  4. I can’t get to my email because the website is down…

    1. Go to www.google.com (this bypasses the DCS website). Log in as usual.

  5. I can’t get to PowerSchool because the website is down…

    1. In the internet web address box, go to https://davie.powerschool.com/teachers

    2. You can also create a bookmark so that you don’t have to remember the URL

  6. My YouTube videos are freezing and locking up my computer….

    1. show all web-based videos like YouTube with the Google Chrome browser

  7. How do students logon to the computers?

    1. Username is their PowerSchool number (same as lunch number)

    2. Elementary Password - birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) dropping the leading zero in mm & dd

    3. Middle School Password - birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) dropping the leading zero in mm & dd

    4. High School Password - is created by the student
John Marshall,
Sep 8, 2014, 9:32 AM