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Elementary School Challenge

February 21, 2017


Wash Station: If your robot enters a patient's room or the operating room, you MUST spin 360o in the wash station prior to entering those areas.  Failure to do so will result in contamination and a deduction of 5 points.  Teams only need to enter wash station 1 time per challenge.

Thick Lines: Robot may not drive over lines around operating room or between patient rooms.

Combined Runs: Robots may complete multiple challenges in a single run, however, teams will only be awarded points for 1 return to the physician's office. If you combine 2 challenges that require the robot to enter a wash station, then you will have to enter the wash station for each challenge.

Obstacles: When completing challenges, avoid all obstacles.  If an obstacle is struck, the robot will be returned by the judge to base. Points are only awarded to the part of the challenge completed prior to striking the obstacle.  Teams can choose to complete run again to receive remaining points.

Robot: Once the robot leaves BASE/Physician's Office, ONLY the judge may touch the robot.  Students will not be permitted to retrieve robot from the mat.


  1. Food Delivery: Start at the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE and travel to the WASH STATION. Complete a 360o spin, then travel to the CAFETERIA to collect a food tray. Move the food tray to PATIENT 1 or PATIENT 2 room.  Leave food tray in the patient’s room and return to the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE. (25 points).

  2. Pick-up Supplies: Start at the PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE and follow the line (using a sensor) to the SUPPLY AREA, touch the (adjustable) supply wall shelf (using a sensor) then return to the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE through the therapy departments.(20 points) *Robot must drive over (with atleast one wheel) both PT/OT & Speech Therapy images.

  3. Pharmacy: Start at the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE and travel to the PHARMACY. At the pharmacy, dispense two rows of medicine into the container and bring medicine back to the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE.  (15-25 points).

  4. Kidney Stone Surgery: Start at the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE and travel to the WASH STATION. Complete a 360o spin, then travel to the OPERATING ROOM and remove kidney stones from the patient. Once stones are removed, administer medicine to the patient before returning to the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE.  (20-35 points) *Medicine/syringe must be administered after kidney stones are removed. **Medicine from Pharmacy can be administered with container or without. (see #3)

  5. Attend speech therapy appointment.  Start at the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE and travel to the SPEECH/OT/PT Offices.  Say 3 words before returning to the PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE.  (10 points) *Use words already created on robot

For directions on how to build the medicine dispenser for challenge #3,
click HERE!

*These 5 Challenges will be judged at the February 21st Practice Competition

December 6, 2016 - Skills Challenge! 
This challenge is designed to prepare students for the Wake Forest Baptist Health Challenge this Spring.

Teams will participate in the following Stations (15 minutes at each station) to complete on-site challenges testing the following skills:

Station 1: 
Distance in one shot: (no attachments) Students will need to program the robot to go a certain distance using math  to get as close to the distance as possible.
Follow a Maze: Students will be asked to program the robot to navigate a maze using forward and turn move blocks.

Station 2:
Spin: Students will program the robot to go forward, spin (keeping atleast one wheel in the circle) and return to start.

Station 3:
Find a Line and Follow a Line:  Students will program the robot to drive forward until the robot finds the line, pause (using a wait block to hold for 2 sec), go forward and follow a line to the end.

Station 4:
Bump and Reverse: Students will program the robot one time to drive until it "bumps" a wall, waits for 2 seconds, then moves away from the wall atleast 2 rotations.
* Depending on where the bump sensor is located (front or back of the robot) will determine forward or reverse.

Station 5:
Grab (gripper attachment with motor): Student will program the robot to drive up to a ball on a stand, grab the ball and return it to the start and release.

Station 6:
Push (attachment of choice):  Student will program the robot to drive up to a number of objects, collect them inside the attachment and push the pieces back to the start.

Staion 7:
Find an object (ultrasonic sensor): Student will program the robot to drive up to an object and stop a certain distance away using the ultra sonic sensor.

*Students may use pre-programmed robots to expediate the challenges. For example: Find a line and follow the line pre-programmed to adjust distance when team gets to the station.  If you have any questions about the December 6th Skills Challenge, please contact John Marshall.

December 18th Robotics Competition.wmv

Save Error Work Around (Davie County network)
If students get a "Save Failed" error message when attempting to save an .rbt file, try the following work-around (this will save the file to the top level of the student's H: drive):

Click File – Save As

Click the “Browse” button

In the “File Name” box, type “H:” and hit enter

In the “File Name” box, type the name you want to call your program.

Click “OK”

Click the “Save” button

*This will save it to the H: (My documents) drive of whoever is logged in to the computer.

Davie County Schools Robotics Wiki

See how we integrate Lego NXT Mindstorms into the curriculum by visiting http://goo.gl/gvWq7.

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