2015 Events & Photos

2015 Events & Photos

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January 10, 2015 -- Brown University Alumni & Student Holiday Gathering at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Middle Island Clubhouse

March 18, 2015 -- The Jabberwocks live in Hong Kong at Ping Pong Gintoneria

April 18, 2015 -- Annual General Meeting of the BUAAHK, Election of Board Officers, Balloting of AGM Issues and First Board Meeting, at the American Club of Hong Kong, Town Club 

April 18, 2015 -- Brown Alumni Interviewing Program Reception for Applicants Accepted to the Class of 2019 at Club Lusitano

May 7, 2015 -- BUAAHK's Recruiting Events Chairs represented Brown at the St. Paul's Co-Educational College University Fair. (details/photos).

May 27, 2015 -- George Hogeman, ’79, Consular Chief and Scott Robinson, ’94, Deputy for Public Affairs, U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong, farewell and thank you dinner at Jade Garden. (details/photos).

June 17 2015 -- Brown Connect (BAA’s support and development service linking Brown students to summer research and internship opportunities) Reception and Networking Event for Brown interns currently in Hong Kong

June 20, 2015 -- Ivy Ball 2015 “Mardi Gras” at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

July 25, 2015 -- Brown Alumni Interviewing Program Alumni and Current Students Send-Off For Brown’s Class of 2019 at the Ladies Recreation Club

September 15, 2015 -- Panetha Ott, Director of International Admission, Brown Admission, dinner with Brown Alumni Interviewing Program Area Chairs and Regional Director and Alumni. (details/photos).

September 16, 2015 -- Panetha Ott, Director of International Admission, Brown Admission “Introduction to Brown” presentation open to all schools in Hong Kong, hosted at the German Swiss International School. (details/photos).

September 16, 2015 -- Brown University Alumni & Columbia University Alumni Joint Cocktail Reception and Artist Talk at Galerie Huit, and optional dinner at La Paloma Spanish Restaurant, celebrating the opening of ‘Fire and Water – Solo Exhibition of Makoto Fujimura’, invitation to the BUAAHK provided by Yvette Ho, ‘87

October 5, 2015 -- Brown Real Estate Roundtable networking and discussion opportunity for alumni and friends in the real estate industry, dinner at the China Club.

November 19, 2015 -- Brown Football Party viewing of pre-recorded Brown v. Princeton home game of October 17 and Brown Football Trivia Competition at Rude Bar and Lounge. (details/photos).

December 5, 2015 -- Brown Vice President of International Advancement Ronald D. Margolin and Assistant Vice President for International Advancement Josh Taub, ’93, welcoming Luncheon at Cuisine Cuisine. (details/photos).