About Us

The Brown University Alumni Association of Hong Kong (the “BUAAHK”) is independent of but affiliated with the Brown Alumni Association.  The BUAAHK is constituted and registered as a Society under the Laws of Hong Kong.  Under the BUAAHK’s Constitution, its members elect an Executive Board to manage its affairs including the accession process of the Executive Board itself.

The current Executive Board elected at the Annual General Meeting of December 18, 2021 and/or acceding to office thereafter is:


Brietta Tsang '08

Vice President (External)

Kimberly Kwok '09

Vice President (Internal)

Max Song '14


Geoffrey Davis '91 & Christopher Ip '91 

Communications Chair & Webmaster

Jennifer Lee '03

Alumni Events Co-Chairs

Rosanne Hui '11 & Danny Lee '88 & Jonathan Shih '99 

Young Alumni Co-Chair

Marcella Ho '16.5

Recruiting Events Co-Chairs

Evan Chow '04, Jacqueline Chow '99, Yvette Ma '87, Grace So '88, and John So '87

Brown Alumni Interviewing Program Co-Chairs (formerly BASC Co-Chairs)1

As the Interviewing Program is currently on hiatus, these positions are also on hiatus.

First and Second Trustees2

Jerome Leung '88 & Martin Matsui '80

1. This post is not subject to BUAAHK election procedures.  It is filled by the campus-based Brown Alumni Interviewing Program but its appointee(s) for Hong Kong is/are eligible to accede to voting officer positions on the BUAAHK Executive Board.

2. These two posts are life positions not subject to election unless a member emerges to stand against a current office holder.  These officers are personally responsible for maintaining and funding the BUAAHK if the BUAAHK ever becomes dormant or if the entire Executive Board ever steps down at the same time, other than at an Annual General Meeting.