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To offer the many programs described below, the PTC relies on the generous support of Broadmeadow parents. To reach our fundraising goal, the PTC offers three main fundraisers throughout the school year, knowing that our 400+ families like to give in different ways.
Ways to Give

Fundraising Goals

Invest In Our Children is our largest campaign of the year, and as a direct contribution fundraiser, 100% of all proceeds benefit the PTC
Fall Catalog Sale is held in the fall in which up to 50% of proceeds go to the PTC through the sale of high quality gift wrap, gift items and magazines
Spring Social is a themed adults-only evening event held in the spring including our popular auction

Shopping Programs are a way to give to Broadmeadow through purchases you are already making at Amazon, Tiny Prints and grocery and office products with Box Tops.  

Proposed Budget

Note: All purchases for the Media Center are supported through the school's annual Book Fair and the Birthday Book program.
Where Do Your $$ Go?
The Broadmeadow PTC focuses its spending on programs that directly enrich the education of our students. Read below to see how we accomplish this goal and what other programs we support:

Goal #1: Educational Enrichment
  • Curriculum Enrichment Programs for every grade
  • Teacher Enrichment Grants to provide enriching materials for classrooms not covered by the school budget
  • Parent-run workshops for the Understanding our Different Abilities program
  • The annual 4th & 5th grade Spelling Bee
  • Teacher Classroom Supply Gift Cards - $100 gift cards for every teacher to purchase classroom supplies
  • Twice a year publication of The Meadows, the school's literary magazine
  • Let's Build Engineering workshops
  • Participation in the Child Assault Prevention Program (CAPP) providing workshops to grades 1, 3, and 5
  • Supplies to maintain the gardens at Broadmeadow
  • Sponsorship of a parent team at the annual NEF Spelling Bee
  • Recess equipment
  • Special Grants - When the PTC has surplus funds, we fund grants that provide a larger impact on the school as a whole.  In the past, we have provided technology upgrades such as interactive whiteboards and the announcement sign in front of the school.
Goal #2: School Community Building
The PTC funds a variety of fun Family Events throughout the year that help build a strong Broadmeadow community.  We also provide support to our new incoming families.
Goal #3: Outreach
We support a number of different Outreach programs to help the communities around us.  In addition, we put aside funds for:
  • Helping Hands - Funds for meals or similar items for families going through an emergency
  • Field Trip Scholarships - Funds are available should a student need help with the costs of a field trip
Goal #4: Staff and Family Support
The PTC funds a variety of Volunteer committees that support the school or provide services to families.
Administrative Expenses
The PTC works to keep overhead expenses to a minimum:
  • Email Marketing subscription
  • Group Liability Insurance (required for all PTC events on town property)
  • Tax filing fees
  • Filing fees for State of Massachusetts non-profit annual reports
  • Supplies (e.g. checks, postage)