What We Do

Goals of the Broadmeadow PTC
Responsibilities of the Broadmeadow PTC Board
    • President - organizes PTC meetings and parent forums, meets with the Principal and Superintendent regularly
    • Vice President - creates the weekly PTC News, recruits new board members and committee chairs
    • Secretary - records the minutes at PTC meetings, updates the outdoor announcement sign
    • Treasurers - handles deposits, reimbursements, and bookkeeping
    • Enrichment Coordinator - provides support to Enrichment committees
    • School-Wide Events Coordinator AND Grade-Level Events Coordinator

  • Grade-Level Events Coordinator – coordinates PTC Rep program and provides support to grade-level event committees
  • School-Wide Events Coordinator – welcomes transferring families and provides support to school-wide event committees
    • Fundraising Coordinator - provides support to Fundraising committees
    • Outreach Coordinator - provides support to Outreach committees
    • Volunteer Coordinator - runs the Volunteer drive and provides support to the Volunteer committees